Ask a Friend Cards: How to Get Them and Use Them

Did you attend a conference and pick up some of our cards with common questions people ask about Adventists and the Bible? Maybe you saw them at a local church, or a friend shared some with you.

If you’re looking to get more, you can visit the AAAF store. Otherwise, keep reading to learn more.

Ask a Friend (AAF) cards are a simple and non-intimidating way for you and your church to get involved in sharing Bible truths.

They’re especially helpful when you don’t have time to answer a big question, or when approaching topics that might be trickier to explain in person.

They also allow the recipient to dig into a concept on their own time, in their own comfortable spaces.

In essence, you can let the cards do the talking!

So here’s everything you need to know about AAF cards. We’ll cover:

What are the Ask a Friend cards all about?

The front and back of the card with the question, Will a day of uninterrupted rest change my life?The Ask a Friend cards are small business cards (about 3.5 by 2 inches) that can help you and your church get involved in evangelism. They allow any person, no matter their interests or skill sets, to play an in-person role in a digital evangelistic effort.

Each card contains one of the more common questions people ask about Adventists, or about God, life, and the Bible. It has one question written on the front, while the back has a QR code that takes people to an article on the website that answers that question.

You’ll be amazed at the quality of the cards! They’re made from thick cardstock with a premium soft coating—something people will want to hang onto!

We currently have nine standard cards (plus a few limited editions), each with a different question:

  1. What do Adventists believe?
  2. Got questions about Adventists?
  3. Will a day of uninterrupted rest really change my life?
  4. What happens when I die?
  5. What do you do with grief?
  6. You can be free from worry!
  7. How to have a better prayer life.
  8. Is it possible to understand Bible prophecy?
  9. May we pray for you?

That last card is unique.

It takes people to a page where they can submit prayer requests. A team at Adventist World Radio then receives those requests and prays for each one. They also respond to each request and continue to follow up on them for updates.

So, what are some ways you or your church can use these cards?

How to use the AAF cards

Two women having a discussion about the Bible and what Adventists believe

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Has someone ever asked you what you believed, but you didn’t have time to give a full answer?

Have you ever struggled to remember all the supporting Bible passages to a point you wanted to make during a spiritual discussion?

Or do you feel shy or uncomfortable sharing your faith? Or maybe you’re just shy in general.

No worries! That’s where the AAF cards come in.

They’re simple to give to people without making them feel like you’re being preachy or pushy. Unlike tracts people may not want, the cards give them the option to scan the QR code at a time that’s convenient for them.

Here are some ways you can use them:

  • Hand a card to someone when a relevant topic comes up in conversation.
  • Give them to someone sitting next to you on a bus, train, plane, or in a long line.
  • Place them on display in your business or workplace.
  • Leave them in your church’s foyer for members to take and share.
  • Use them in evangelistic meetings or church outreach efforts. They are a great accompaniment to many other evangelistic materials you might be involved in distributing.

And speaking of the church, AAF cards have a lot of possibilities for evangelism. Let’s talk about getting church members excited.

How to get your church involved in sharing AAF cards

A child showing her grandmother how to visit the AskAnAdventistFriend website using the QR code on the Ask a Friend cards

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You have hundreds of AAF cards waiting to go out. Now what? It’s time to build awareness in your church. These cards are a way for everyone—young and old—to be part of digital evangelism.

Take the following steps:

  1. Announce. Let the church members know about this new and unique way to tell others about Adventists and the Bible. See if you can make a small announcement at the beginning of a church service or even feature them during the service. Explain how simple these cards are to use.
  2. Display. Set up a card display in your church’s foyer, or anywhere members can easily access the cards.
  3. Spread out and share. Church members can take the cards in their wallets or purses and share them with people they meet and interact with. Then, let the cards open doors for the Holy Spirit to work in people’s hearts.

Consider some of these other ideas for church outreach:

  • Hand them out to church visitors.
  • Fasten them to church bulletins or brochures.
  • Include them in evangelistic mailings.
  • Put them in community outreach packs or baskets.
  • Share the “May we pray for you?” card door to door.
  • Give them away at hospital visits.

Bible workers can also write their name and number on the back and share the cards with their Bible study contacts.

And as excitement about the cards grows, you may just find yourself running out of them. How can you order more?

Where to get Ask a Friend cards

The Ask a Friend starter kit boxAAF cards are available at the AskAnAdventistFriend (AAAF) store. There, you’ll have a few different options.

You can purchase individual cards in packs of 100. We have these packs available for each one of our nine standard ones.

Also, don’t miss out on the following exclusive cards (available while supplies last):

  • How do I know if God has forgiven my sins?
  • How can I strengthen my relationship with Jesus?
  • Why do we have good and evil in the world?

Aside from buying cards individually, you can also choose our starter kit—a great option for getting started with digital evangelism at your church or business.

The starter kit includes everything you need to do so:

  • Packs of either 50 or 100 of each of the nine standard cards (a total of 450 or 900 cards)
  • An acrylic card display (about 12 inches by 10 inches by 4 inches)
  • Instructions to launch your card-sharing ministry

So, what are you waiting for? Get you and your church involved in digital evangelism today!

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