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The Foundation of Adventism is Jesus

All Adventist beliefs are based on the principles in the Holy Bible. Scripture tells us the story of humanity, with Jesus as the center of it all. He created all humanity, died for us, saved us, and helps us in our lives today.

Discover the unique and practical ways many Adventists choose to demonstrate their love for God. You’ll find many examples of how we can live in response to the love of Jesus Christ.

Featured Questions

Empty Church wooden pews in ground floor and balcony with a large cross in front - AAAF

What to Expect When You Go to an Adventist Church

What should you wear? Where should you sit? Who should you talk to? Here’s the answers to those questions and more.
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Seventh-day Adventist Founders

How one movement in the mid-1800s spurred the birth of Adventism. Looking for insight on the beginnings of this global church?
Holy Bible, New Revised Standard Edition on the podium as Bible forms the foundation of Seventh Day Adventist Church - AAAF


If evangelism methods were used in the early foundations of Adventism, why is it still important today? Because it fulfills our human calling to hasten the return of Jesus Christ.
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Adventist Education

Students from Adventist schools not only score higher than the national average, they’re also prepared for eternity. Find out what makes Adventist education unique.
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Adventist Culture

Want to know the ins and outs of Adventism—the nuances? Here’s the behind-the-scenes knowledge you can only get from Adventists themselves.
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Adventist Health

If you’ve heard Adventists live longer, you may be curious to know their secrets. Have you ever heard of NEWSTART?

What Do Adventists Believe?

Seventh-day Adventists share the majority of their beliefs with most Christian denominations around the world. With the Bible as their only creed (meaning they hold no doctrine that does not come from the Bible), they worship together as a Protestant Christian denomination who seek Jesus Christ as their only hope.